A review of Drum Hill Camp

After a great weekend away at Drum Hill Scout Camp for all three sections, Mia Jarvis (Cub) gives her review of the trip away:


I think the Drum Hill camp was amazing because it was nice weather and the beds were really comfy to sleep in.

The new dorms were nice and much bigger than the old ones, also they were right next to the shop so we could buy sweets.

The activities were lots of fun, the best activity was the shooting. You had to load the lead into the air rifles, aim it at the target and shoot. I also enjoyed playing the Wide game, we had to find some glow sticks, but if we were caught moving then we got sent back to the beginning your teammate had to go instead.

Free time was good too because you got to go were ever you wanted to go. The obstacle course was brilliant because you had to go over tyres, a cargo pyramid and net, across a bridge, over a wall and a mud pit and lastly through the trees. The boys finished in 54 seconds, but the girls WON by completing the course in 53 seconds. After we did the obstacle course, we helped the Scouts build their bivouacs. After we finished, we were given some dough and a stick, we wrapped the dough around the stick, and we toasted it over the camp fire.

Shaun made his amazing pancakes for breakfast and we were able to choose our own toppings.

Mia Jarvis (Cub) - on Sun 17 Mar 2019, 15:51